"It's Like Hand Sanitizer - For Your Clothing"

GarmaGuard™ is the first All-Organic, Non-GMO, Natural, On-The-Go Garment Antimicrobial Spray created to address contact with common germs and odor causing bacteria on all types of clothing and garments.

One quick spray of GarmaGuard™ will help kill microbes on clothing, shoes, uniforms, towels, bedding, car seats, couches, dog beds, and accessories - so you and your family never have to worry about bringing home whatever you come across during the day.

  • Kills Odor-Causing Bacteria

    GarmaGuard™ breaks down the bacteria which causes odors, eliminating the source. 

  • Contains No Bleach

    GarmaGuard™ is natural, organic, and free of harsh and abrasive chemicals.

  • Gentle On Fabrics

    GarmaGuard™ is gentle on all fabrics including, shoes, everyday clothing, and accessories.

Don't Just Mask The Odor - Eliminate It!

GarmaGuard™ was scientifically engineered to fully eliminate odors at the source by bonding with and neutralizing the bacteria. Our maximum strength formula is Natural and 100% Non-Toxic which makes it safe to use, even around children and pets.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of GarmaGuard™, we guarantee it will work!

Home / School Use

Customers love using GarmaGuard™ on their clothing in many different situations. It is perfect for teachers, students, traveling, when leaving the gym, after playing with pets, and any other time your clothing may need a quick spray!  

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Professional Use

GarmaGuard™ is used in many different fields. We have happy customers in Law Enforcement, Nursing, Military, Firefighting, and Ambulance Services. You can spot treat an area and eliminate any germs or odors on-demand.

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