What is GarmaGuard™?

GarmaGuard™ is the first All-Organic, Non-GMO, Natural On-The-Go Garment and Fabric Cleanser created to address contact with odor on all types of clothing and garments.

One quick spray of GarmaGuard™ will help eliminate odors on clothing, shoes, uniforms, towels, bedding, car seats, couches, dog beds, and accessories - so you and your family never have to worry about bringing home whatever you come across during the day.

Home / School Use

Customers love using GarmaGuard™ on their clothing in many different situations. It is perfect for teachers, students, traveling, when leaving the gym, after playing with pets, and any other time your clothing may need a quick spray!  

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Professional Use

GarmaGuard™ is used in many different fields. We have happy customers in Law Enforcement, Nursing, Military, Firefighting, and Ambulance Services. You can spot treat an area to eliminate odors on-demand.

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  • Eliminates Odors From Clothing

    GarmaGuard™ works to eliminate odor from clothing by attacking it at the source.

  • Contains No Bleach

    GarmaGuard™ is natural, organic, and free of harsh and abrasive chemicals.

  • Gentle On Fabrics

    GarmaGuard™ is gentle on all fabrics including, shoes, everyday clothing, and accessories.

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