"Our mission is to holistically engineer high quality products and to always strive for 100% customer satisfaction."

-Pete (Founder)

About GarmaGuard™

As a US Army Veteran Police Officer, I noticed that my wife, who is a nurse, and I had the same post-shift routine - we would come home and remove our uniform / scrubs and shoes before entering our home. In fact, it was a rule in our household to practice this. After searching extensively for a safe product that could be used for our garments throughout the work day, I realized no product existed. I decided to create GarmaGuard™ to help protect those in the same situation as ourselves, as well as anyone who would like to eliminate odor causing bacteria from their clothing, shoes, uniforms and more instantly and easily.

The Formula For Success

GarmaGuard™ is engineered with families in mind by using a natural ingredient which is found in many of our daily cleaning products today – Citric Acid. Citric Acid is a highly effective, organic ingredient known to eliminate odors we see today across the applications where we know GarmaGuard™ will be used. We choose Citric Acid due to the efficacy, organic nature, and colorless features. From the beginning, we always believed that for GarmaGuard™ to be widely adopted, it had to be natural, organic, and free of harsh and abrasive chemicals for even us to consider using it day-to-day on our garments.

The Final Product

Elysian Labs has worked extremely hard on innovating, creating and perfecting our organic formula which is used to deodorize and freshen garments and other fabrics. As a Veteran Owned Business which consists of Law Enforcement and Medical Personnel, we recognize and understand the importance of cleanliness throughout our shifts. There are millions of hard-working Americans who are exposed to harmful odor causing bacteria on a daily basis. The goal at Elysian Labs is to provide these individuals with safe and organic products that are effective in mitigating odor causing bacteria.

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