Freshen and cleanse CLOTHing WITH ONE SPRAY.

What Makes GarmaGuard™ Unique?

We have worked hard on innovating, creating, and perfecting our organic formula which is used to deodorize garments and other fabrics.  GarmaGuard™ is engineered with families in mind by using a natural ingredient which is found in many of our daily cleaning products today – Citric Acid. Citric Acid is a highly effective, organic ingredient known as an effective and safe cleanser.

Eliminates Odor From Clothing

GarmaGuard™ works to eliminate odor from clothing by attacking it at the source. 

Contains No Bleach

GarmaGuard™ is natural, organic, and free of harsh and abrasive chemicals.

Gentle On All Fabrics

GarmaGuard™ is gentle on all fabrics including uniform, shoes/boots, and accessories.

"Love the smell of this and how it helps eliminate odor. I had a bottle and my whole team used it.. we are buying more!

— Christie

“This spray has been a great addition to my gym! It keeps all my equipment fresh between washes! The smell is clean and it lasts!!! It’s amazing and I highly recommend to any athletes to help up keep their sports and gym equipment!!"

— Lazo

“Love it! First time trying this product and I have already started recommending it to other people. I absolutely love it! Must buy.”

— Ashley

Teachers and students alike should use GarmaGuard™ Garment and Fabric Cleanser throughout the day to protect themselves from spreading odor causing bacteria or even bringing them home!

Washing your hands is a great way to stay clean, but what about your clothing? GarmaGuard™ freshens your clothes to keep you and your family smelling great!

Ready To Give GarmaGuard™ A Try? 

Join the many families who have tried GarmaGuard™ and can't live without it!

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