Watch What Celebrity Doctor and Mr. Universe, Chris Zaino, Has To Say About GarmaGuard™!

"It's a new category - It's taking a concept of washing your hands and trying to clean our hands but we neglected that the rest of our body from our pants and our shoes and everything are still... I like to call petri dishes for other bacterial sources. So definitely check this out. This is amazing - get it!"

- Dr. Chris Zaino

What Makes GarmaGuard™ Unique?

GarmaGuard™ was formulated by industry professionals for industry professionals. We took numerous measures to wash and sanitize our hands, but the garments we wore were still exposed to harmful germs. After searching extensively for a safe product that could be used to disinfect our garments throughout the work day and finding none existed, we created GarmaGuard™.

Kills Odor Causing Bacteria

GarmaGuard™ breaks down the bacteria which causes odors, eliminating the source. 

Contains No Bleach

GarmaGuard™ is natural, organic, and free of harsh and abrasive chemicals.

Gentle On All Fabrics

GarmaGuard™ is gentle on all fabrics including uniform, shoes/boots, and accessories.

"With GarmaGuard™ I get an instant piece of mind knowing I can spot treat an area and eliminate any germs or odors on-demand. I am surprised as a profession we operated without this!"

— Phillip G,. MD - NJ

“After working a 12 hour shift, the last thing I want to worry about is going home to my family wearing germ filled scrubs. GarmaGuard™ takes all of 5 seconds to apply but a lifetime of worries off my mind. I love it”

— Nadia B., RN - NJ

“As a police officer, we all know that feeling of coming home and bringing that work smell with you after a long day. Whether it’s a first aid call inside someone’s home, or searching an old abandoned building, GarmaGuard™ keeps my uniform clean and protected throughout the day with a nice scent added along the way!”

— Stephanie M., Police Officer - NJ

The amount of germs which can get on First Responder's clothing is astronomical. Always keep a bottle of GarmaGuard™ with you when on duty. A quick spray after a call will keep you protected and stop you from bringing those germs with your after your shift!

Ever think about how many homes police officers enter every day? Use GarmaGuard™ Antimicrobial Clothing Spray after every call on all garments including uniform, scrubs, shoes, and accessories to eliminate harmful microbes and odors.

According to recent studies, schools can be homes to millions of Colony Forming Units of germs. Teachers and students alike should use GarmaGuard™ Antimicrobial Clothing Spray throughout the day to protect themselves from spreading these germs or even bringing them home!

Firefighters are constantly in and out of people’s homes extinguishing fires, conducting inspections, and providing first aide to those in need... that’s why GarmaGuard™ Antimicrobial Clothing Spray is trusted and used by firefighters all over the country to address contact with common germs found in the field.

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